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DNL Chemical

DNLRelease-80 / Mold Release Agent

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DNLRelease-80 is a Release Agent formulated from non-volatile raw materials stabilized to provide good performance in concrete mold release applications. The use of this product can substantially eliminate VOC emissions from the mold release agent.

This heavy-duty release agent provides a combination barrier/reactive release agent film in a medium-low viscosity fluid. It is designed for clean separation of forms and excellent surface finish on more demanding geometries and applications. DNLReleasae is non-staining to concrete. Residual films left behind by this product provide a natural rust protection property to steel and resist thickening, gelling, or gumming over an extended period of time.

The application rate is typically in the range of 500-800 square feet per gallon depending on the relative difficulty of the specific structure being formed. DNLRelease-80, due to its higher barrier content, has a slightly higher viscosity than solvent-based analogs and may require adjustment to spray tips or applicators for best coverage by spray.

In challenge tests, DNLRelease is inherently biodegradable (>20% CO2, OECD TG301B) in 28 days.


API Gravity, 60F 29.0
Flash Point, COC, F >250
Melting Point, F +30
Viscosity, cSt 40C 10.5