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DNL Chemical

DNLBrite Industrial Parts Cleaner

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Cleaner & Rust/Corrosion Preventive

 DNLBRITE 95 Plus is a low foaming industrial parts cleaner with outstanding multi-metal rust and corrosion protection. It is successfully used in high-pressure spray cleaning of metal parts prior to heat treatment. It provides residual rust protection to the cleaned parts and does not interfere with case hardening. It rejects and cleanly separates quench bath oil residues and other oily residues washed off of parts, and floats the oil for capture by a weir or other oil separation devices. SunBrite 95 Plus corrosion protection is effective on steel, cast iron, aluminum, zinc, and copper substrates.

DNLBrite 95 Plus is a moderate pH cleaner that does not contain any nitrites, chromates, or hazardous substances. It has a low odor in normal dilutions. It is not toxic or harmful to humans, animals, or marine life when used as recommended.

For high-pressure spray cleaning to remove light oils, 95 Plus can be used at from 1.5% to 4.0% concentration by volume. The mixed cleaner will have a pH of between 8.4-9.0. Concentration checks can be carried out by using a titration kit.

For use as a rust/corrosion preventive, DNLBrite 95 Plus is recommended at 2.5% (or higher) concentration, applied by dipping the parts for a minimum of 30 seconds full immersion. Parts can be dried with hot air and will have resistance to fingerprint corrosion. Protection time varies with applied concentration and ambient humidity environment. Concentrations as low as 1% can protect for 4-8 hours in climate-controlled indoor storage. Higher concentrations can hold parts for up to several months in similar conditions.


Specific Gravity Flash Point, PMCC, F pH:

Concentrate 10%

1.02 (NEAT) NONE

10-10.5 9.0-9.5