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DNL Chemical

DNL-5P8 Sinker EDM Fluid

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DNL-5P8 is a specially processed, high dielectric EDM fluid, having a minimum breakdown voltage (ASTM D877) of 45KV minimum, with a typical production value of >50KV. It is a low viscosity synthetic hydrocarbon fluid for electrical discharge machining of metals via the Sinker EDM Process. Its synthetic base, plus a specialized, heavy-duty antioxidant, allows it to resist thermal and electrical breakdown, making it a premium quality EDM fluid. SunArc 5P8 has a viscosity low enough for use in standard central filtration systems. Its outstanding oxidation resistance leads to reduced sludge formation and elimination of sticky films on float-type control switching. It has a clear, nearly water-white appearance when fresh, for excellent visibility. It is non-toxic and highly biodegradable. SunArc 5P8 has excellent heat transfer properties, with a high flash point, and low volatility. It is non-corrosive to all metals and provides rust protection to steel surfaces. SunArc 5P8 readily flushes away debris particles and quickly restores the dielectric environment to the electrode. 

Typical dielectric breakdown voltage on this fluid is >50KV. It resists moisture pickup (non-hygroscopic) and maintains good arc burn properties for extended periods in high output part manufacturing settings. 


Breakdown Voltage, disc electrode D877 45kV min
Viscosity, CST @ 40C D445 3.41
Flash, PMCC, F D93 248
Color (Saybolt) D156 +30
Aromatic Content, wt.% D5186 <1.0

Sulfur ppm, D4045