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The Science

NanoRex is an engine oil additive that maximizes your engine's performance and life. It uses patented surface treatment technology to evenly disperse and suspend nano-carbon crystals in your engine oil. The crystals create a thicker lubrication layer than oil alone that seals off blow-by gas leakage, and a ball bearing effect that reduces engine abrasion by 70%. 

nanorex engine oil treatments
Key Benefits:

  • Boosts power output by up to 20%
  • Improves fuel economy by up to 14%
  • Reduces emissions by up to 87% (especially for older diesel vehicles)
  • Reduces vibration and noise
  • Reduces engine temperature by 18°F or more

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When NanoRex is mixed with engine oil, the lubricating oil film becomes thicker and stronger, and nano-carbon has the effect of increasing the intermolecular bonding force of the lubricating oil.

  The effect of greatly reducing the leakage of incomplete combustion gas by minimizing the abrasion and gap caused by the friction of the piston during engine reciprocation 

  The super-strong lubricating oil film was maintained even after the engine oil was removed, so  it succeeded in a long-distance driving test of about 1,300 km at the Korea Archives.

  In addition to the effect of suppressing the engine temperature rise, it maintains the performance that maximizes the role of engine oil.”


- Nano carbon crystal 100% surface treatment and dispersion technology patents held ) 

-  Increased lubricant film thickness

-   Block incomplete combustion and combustion gas leakage by the strong sealing action of the thick  lubricating film

-  Ball bearing effect Friction reduction effect  Average 70%)

-  It is a material with very good thermal conductivity (2000k) and has the effect of suppressing engine oil and engine temperature rise ( over 10 ℃)
- Eco-friendly materials: Contribute to low-carbon, green growth measures by reducing CO2 gas emissions, extending the life of driving devices, and reducing engine oil consumption