About Us

Mr. Todd Cawley proudly announces DNL Chemical, LLC.


Mr. Todd Cawley, formerly of LSI Chemical, have created DNL Chemical to expand the reach of the world’s best automotive additives to new markets and enable greater access to the benefits of advanced lubrication technologies. 

DNL Chemical is representing the most advanced additives available for use by oil blenders, refineries, and fuel producers around the globe. We are excited to announce that DNL Chemical is representing the oil and fuel additive technologies from LSI Chemical. Over the next few days we will announce some of the other technologies and companies that we will represent. In addition we seek new partners and cutting edge technologies to represent on a global or regional basis. 

Mr. Cawley brings to the company nearly thirty years’ experience in the oil, fuel, and lubrication industries, and a strong technical and sales background. He has held leadership positions at Sinclair Oil, American Refining Group, and Nanotech Industrial Solutions where he gained a thorough understanding of how additives work to transform fuels and lubricants. In this time, he has been deeply involved in introducing new technologies, such as nano-carbons, and nano-ceramics, to the fuels and lubricants industries. Mr. Cawley received the industry renewability award from the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Institute in 2006.

“It has long been my dream to help bring some of the newest and most innovative technologies to the Fuels and Lubricants industries, and that is exactly what we will do at DNL chemical!”

In addition to his vast technical knowledge, Mr. Cawley has extensive international business development experience in more than fifty countries. As President of LSI Chemical, he helped the company to grow its network of distributers from zero to fifteen, reaching thirteen countries on four continents -in just one year. Under his leadership as CEO, DNL Chemical aims to take a similar approach by expanding our product line and bringing the benefits of new lubrication technologies to customers all over the world.  Look for new announcements over the coming weeks on some of these amazing technologies.