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AdiPro - USA Markets

Adipro Chemicals has two verticals: • production chemicals • lubricant additives. The Adipro production chemicals are used in the upstream sector, for treating crude in the extraction process.


Innovative additives using the latest technologies in chemicals, providing unsurpassed levels of performance. ▪ True Nano Technology ▪ Colorless Nano Particles ▪ Patented Additives ▪ No Solubility Issues

Functional Products Latin America

Tackifiers Viscosity Modifiers Bio-based Additives Industrial Lubricants Grease Additives Food Grade Lubricant Additives Polymethacrylates


Moly disulphide is an extreme pressure lubricant additive powder available in three grades - Technical, Technical Fine and Super Fine. MoS2 content [calculated average] is min 98%.


An innovative R&D based organization committed to providing sustainable solutions by manufacturing environment - friendly, high performance surface coatings for diverse industrial & domestic applications

Patech Specialty Lubricants

We can supply various ester products including mono-esters, diesters, polyol esters, and complex esters that can meet client's requirements for different applications.

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Nano Lubricant Experts

Lower friction and heat with carbon nano concentrated additives

Grease and Gear Lubricant Additives

New chemistry lowers temperature and wear